Easter Card 2019


As part of our company’s Easter Card project, this year we have decided to take a firm stand against the general whining and to pay appropriate tribute to the awakening of spring:




“And if it knew that tomorrow the world would perish,
the apple tree wouldn’t care about it.
Because life always finds ways”.






No material would be better suited than our WOODSIDE wood laminate paper to show the growth and sprouting of the abundant spring greenery that originates from the winter dead wood:

The result was a B6 folding card in horizontal format, the inside pages printed in three colours in silkscreen, the wooden side worked in front as lasercut and in the back as laser engraving.


It was shipped in B6 envelopes from the Artoz 1001 range in lime -282.


Are you also in a spring-like mood? Then we suggest that you use the drive and think together with us about your own Easter card. The little apple tree is sure to live in the next spring as well. And so will we, of course.

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