The Terms and Conditions of König Konzept


King Concept Terms and Conditions-Paragraphs

We are not satisfied with satisfactory results. And what’s good, you can still do better. Inspiring results for enthusiastic customers: This is what drives us.

Clear and binding agreements, trusting cooperation and reliability are the basis of our work. We just expect the same from our customers as well as from our suppliers and production partners.

When there’s trust, a handshake can seal a contract – that’s why we are doing everything we can to rule out misunderstandings.

Nevertheless, small print must also be, and this can be found here:

1. Our general terms and conditions

2. Our shortened terms and conditions for our agency services (which, for example, describe and regulate our Paper -Search&Find- Service ® and our production service in more detail).

3. Our terms and conditions for seminars (and training courses, lectures and others).



König Konzept-the communications and production agency specifically for customers and companies with products in need of explanation and customers in the paper and print media industry.


Truderinger Street 302a

81825 Munich
Tel. + 49/89/89 82 77 98-0

FAX + 49/89/89 82 77 98-9

Email: schlosstor @

Kommunikation und Produktion