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König Konzept. The agency for real and haptic communication…

…and the comprehensive response to conceptlessness.


A little more of this, a little more of that. And a “strategy” is already “cooked”.
And if that doesn’t work, you just come up with a new one.

Not with us. Because that’s not the way it works.


We accompany you through your projects from start to finish. Or, alternatively, we only get involved where you want us to be involved.


As a communications agency we develop marketing and communication concepts together with you.


Our focus is to develop strategies for:

  • Customers with products and services that require explanation
  • Customers from the paper, printing, graphics and advertising industries
  • Customers whose public relations work urgently needs a change, because …                                                                                … “your potential customers do not even know that you exist”                                                                                                                  … “your potential customers do not really understand what exactly you offer”.


A rhinoceros… or a dragon… or some other fantasy animal? We help you to communicate clarity about your products.



Because then you need completely different concepts for your advertising and public relations than someone who distributes well-known products for a broad market. We at König Konzept have long experience in this field.


We consistently focus on the networking of different forms of advertising and presentation:

  • Advertising in the internet, which aims to generate new contacts. After all, to what use is the most beautiful website if only those who already know your company click on it?
  • Targeted public relations in the most suitable media.
  • Direct advertising with a clear long-term strategy that focuses on text concept and haptic.
    By the way, do you already know our Easter card project, for example? Acquiring new customers and maintaining your customer base go hand in hand.
    And of course, as a production agency, we also implement your measures for you at the highest level.

More about this here: König Konzept – The production agency

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