König Konzept – The Communication Agency



König Konzept. The comprehensive response to conceptlessness.


A little more of this, a little more of that. And already a “strategy” is baked.
And if it doesn’t work, you just make up another one.

Not with us. Because that’s not how it works!

We accompany you through your projects from start to finish.
Or alternatively, we only bring us in where you want us to.


As a communications agency, we work with you to develop marketing and communication concepts,
with a focus on text communication and haptic communication.

As a production agency, we implement the whole thing at the highest level for you.

And we are not only analogue, but also digitally used for you.


Our focus is:

-Customers with products and services in need of explanation

-Customers from the paper, printing, graphics and advertising industries.   

Kommunikation und Produktion