Easter card König Konzept 2024

Easter 2024 – not for the scaredy-cats …?

(The term bunny is used literally in German: Angst-Hase = frightened bunny, just like the Oster-Hase = Easter bunny.)


The term “turning point” is on everyone’s lips, and in a wide variety of contexts.

It often evokes unpleasant feelings such as fear or anxiety about losing control.

The fact that times are different than they used to be – and especially different than some people would like – is certainly undeniable. However, the current times are probably not significantly different from all previous times.


Artificial intelligence: When creating the two images for our Easter card for 2024, we played around with the new possibility of creating images using AI.


It’s not as easy as you might think to achieve the desired result, but with a little patience we were able to create the images we wanted.

We are aware that we were pushing the boundaries of what you would imagine an Easter card to be. Nevertheless, we believe that our conviction that we have the development of things in our own hands is tangible. Machines will not take over so quickly, especially if we keep reminding ourselves of this:

Human solutions require natural intelligence.


Front of the Easter card from König Konzept. It features a classic Easter motif in a baroque picture frame. A cute Easter bunny sits in the middle of colorful flowers and Easter eggs.
A very classic motif for an Easter card, isn’t it?
Photo of the opened Easter card 204 from König Konzept - page 2 and page 5 with the inscription Easter 2024/Times are not for scaredy-cats are visible. On page 2 you can see a pretty, freckled young woman in military clothing, a cap with rabbit ears and a machine gun in her hands next to a rabbit with a leather waistcoat and a slightly grim expression. In the background, colourful egg-shaped balls and a bright blue sky with a few white clouds.
But when you open the Easter card, you realise that nothing here is really classic.
Photo of the unfolded Easter card 2024 from König Konzept. Pages 2 and 3 show the following text: "Thank you, dear AI, for the pictures on this card. In real life, however, the following still applies: "Natural intelligence is needed for human solutions" and "We look forward to continuing to seek and find positive solutions with you. We wish you a happy and relaxing Easter."
AI can be a great support. However, we firmly believe that human intelligence will always be important.





Perhaps of interest to you too?
These were the last steps before our Easter mail could start its journey to you:


  • Top-Shot-Foto der aufgeklappten Osterkarte, die auf unregelmäßig verteilten farbenfrohen Briefkuverts steht. Foto: Leopoldi-Art
    The colorful envelopes match the Easter mail from König Konzept.
  • Detailansicht eines Ausschnitts von einem weißen und einem gelben Briefumschlag, auf dem die Prägung "König" - Teil des Firmennamens "König Konzept" - zu erkennen ist.
    The embossed logo "König" should of course not be missing.
  • Foto einer gelben Versandbox der Deutschen Post, das vollkommen gefüllt ist mit farbigen gefüllten Briefumschlägen. Foto: Leopoldi-Art
    Many such shipping boxes are packed every year.





Here are a few more details about the card:
Open format 400 x 115 mm,
4/4-color offset print on Munken Polar Rough white 300 gsm,
Wrap fold, contour punching.
Sent in envelopes in DIN B6 format = 178 x 125 mm in various materials and colors (we have this year used up everything that has been left over in recent years).



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