Easter Card 2020


Easter and the love in the days of Corona


When we designed this map, the world was still another.
Epidemics were only to be found in movies, end-times books or in areas far away.


With the text on our map we have unintentionally and unconsciously anticipated what Easter 2020 will actually be for most of us now and what we and our children will remember some day: A celebration in the smallest of circles, where we had to retreat and withdraw as well.


Even more, we wish you that you can celebrate the feast of spring, resurrection and hope in good health and with gratitude, and that you can also enjoy it to a certain extent.


And because Easter is always connected with egg hunting – we want to take you with us into the garden, where you can find our card.


What are we hiding here?
A golden egg? A pun?
A card with a view – like some beautiful                   picture books for children.
For each of the 4 days in the Osterz-EI-t we have written down thoughts, with a wink and also very serious…


This pun and the card unfortunately only work with the German words “Ei” and “Osterzeit” (egg and Eastertime).


And here are a few more details about the card:

Every year in spring we become aware again of how wonderful our nature is and so we have consciously chosen a convincing recycling material that has been awarded the “Blue Angel” seal of approval: Les Naturals in olivine.

The envelopes are also made of recycled paper: the DESIGN-RC® series, which harmonises perfectly with Les Naturals.


For experts: 12-page fanfold, scored,
Open format 690 x 165 mm, closed 115 x 165 mm.
Printing Letterpress brown,
Finishing hot foil embossing gold and motif die-cutting in egg design.



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