The Communications Agency


König Konzept. The Communications Agency.

The Real and Haptic Communications Agency.
For customers with products and services in need of explanation.
And those in desperate need of change.

• What you offer has value and future
• But your potential customers don’t even know that you exist? 
• Or they don’t really understand what you’re actually doing?

Then you need completely different concepts for your advertising and your public relations work than someone who sells well-known products for a broad market. We at König Konzept have long experiences in this field.

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In doing so, we consistently focus on networking different forms of advertising and presentation:

• Advertising on the Internet aimed at generating new contacts.
After all,  the most beautiful homepage can’t help you if only those you already know click on it?

• Targeted public relations in the appropriate media.

• Direct advertising with a clear long-term strategy that focuses on text design and haptic. New customer acquisition and the maintenance of your customer base go hand in hand.



We will work with you to develop concepts and actions that fit seamlessly into and support your existing actions.

And, of course, we will also implement your measures for you and support them.
Find out more here: König Konzept -The Production Agency

Tell us what you’re up to. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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