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Dear Internet visitors to König Konzept-the Communications and Production Agency: You move here on 10 connected websites, which focus on our two areas of work in terms of communication and production:


  • www.koenig-konzept.com – The Communications Agency: Advertising and advice digital and analogue.
  • www.haptischekommunikation.de – Haptic Communication: About the use of haptics in internal and external communication.
  • www.textkommunikation.com. Not available in english at the moment.
  • www.unternehmensbegleitung-koenig.de: Management consulting that relies on your strengths and values, not on giving off staff. Not available in english at the moment.
  • www.SEO-im-netzwerk.de:  Website programming and effective marketing communication on the Internet. Not available in english at the moment.



  • www.konzept-shop.de
    In our Online-Store Konzept Shop you will find selected products and services from the various interconnected websites of König Konzept.
    (Unfortunately only in german language at the moment.)



  1. At any point in our websites you can see in the left menu bar the entries “The Communications Agency” or 
    “The Production Agency.”
    Through these, you will quickly return to the topic page to which, for example, your search engine request has led you. If in doubt, simply operate the corresponding page link at the top.

  2. You can request newsletters on any topic page tailored to your special interests in the top menu bar or via the contact form.
    All websites access exactly this contact form.

Kommunikation und Produktion