The Easter Card Project


EASTER MATTERS! The Easter Card Project

Sending Easter cards is a nice custom.


A photo of an unfolded greetings card on a red background. You can see a very perspective view of the front, on which a rabbit and colourful flowers and eggs can be seen. The third side can be seen a little better. There is a text "Easter 2024" and part of the subtitle reads: "...nwende is not for scaredy-cats..." - Photo Leopoldi-Art.
Easter 2024 – and something to do with scaredy-cats? Find out the answer on this page. Happy Easter!


Even so, not many care for it – least of all in the business sector.

Christmas cards, on the other hand, are being circulated in an almost inflationary way.

Who doesn’t know that in the weeks leading up to Christmas he is greeted with kind greetings on a daily basis and already the cards pile up on the window sill and on the desk – and after a short time you certainly don’t know who sent you something?


At Easter, on the other hand, you don’t need to worry about the attention of the recipient of your greetings. Making Easter cards a relevant option is therefore a real concern for us: Because we really like Easter and have some experience of it ourselves.


An Easter card can be perfectly integrated into your annual marketing concept.



We will help you:
– With the conception of a campaign tailored to your needs,
– in the creative implementation,
– in the selection of suitable materials and finishes,
– during manufacture
– right through to posting.


Easter cards are ideally suited to introduce yourself to new customers and to revive old contacts in a simple way with a beautiful and unspent object .

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