Easter Card 2023

The woolly mammoth may be extinct.
The custom of sending Easter cards, however, lives on (at least with us).


Our Easter card 2023 is designed as a little Easter riddle, because the statement and the photo on the first page certainly do not show an “Easter motif” at first (and also at second) glance.


                                              Easter riddle


But the connection to Easter can be found on the very next page.
Not only have the mammoths disappeared, but also the winter ice ages.
The fact that there are also two cars on the cover is pure coincidence.
By the way, the woolly mammoth died out at the end of the Pleistocene …


                                                Riddle solution



Here are a few more details about the realisation of the card:

6 pages, offset 4/4-colour on natural cardboard 270 gsm,
Open format 495 x 115 mm, double creased, closed 165 x 115 mm,
Circle die-cut U2/U5,
Three-layer egg appliqué consisting of a
-large egg: Colour Matters Cool Blue 270 gsm
-small egg: Colour Matters Citrine 540 gsm and one egg yolk
-and an egg yolk, which is also the sun: Colour Matters Factory Yellow 540 gsm

The envelopes were made of Colour Matters DIN B6 in the colours Citrine and Factory Yellow.


The technique used for the egg appliqué: motif die-cutter
Blaues Ei – Orangenes Ei – Gelbes Ei/Sonne



And last but not least: Why do we actually send Easter cards …?
A self-portrayal. (Unfortunately only in Germany)







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