Easter Card König Konzept 2021

Unfortunately, there will be a second “Corona Easter” in 2021.

We don’t want to do more than mention this unfortunate circumstance here – and we didn’t want to make it a big topic in our Easter card either.

Just this one appeal: our card is as changeable as the virus – but hopefully more fun. What would make us happy is that there is certainly no vaccine against our Easter cards in the medium term.

Contrary to the generally more and more spreading dark mood, our Easter card is deliberately kept fresh and colourful and is meant to bring colour into the life of the recipient.

The card invites you to discover: there are so many possibilities!
By opening and closing the egg halves, numerous combinations can be created. New views and vistas emerge (just take a look at our German site).

May this be understood as a haptic metaphor for dealing with Corona!


Sometimes a change of perspective helps…
There is a conductor in each of us – we just have to let him out… Photos: leopoldi-art

















Here are a few more details about the card for professionals:

8-page fanfold, sixfold creased,

open format 460 x 165 mm, closed 115 x 165 mm.

Offset 4/4-colour on Colour Matters Pristine White,

Finished with half-egg motif die-cutting.

Shipped in B6 envelope (125 x 176 mm) Colour Matters Citrine 135 gsm.


Do you like our idea of the “Easter Card Project” and would like to learn more, or even realise your own idea?

Click here for the contact form, which you can also use to register for our Easter card mailing list. We will then send you an original Easter card in 2022 – and possibly also an Easter card in 2021 on request (but only while stocks last).


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