Easter Card König Konzept 2012





From searching and findingthe Easter card 2012 by König Konzept. What was it about?


Of course, primarily about the transmission of our Easter greetings to our customers, partners and friends.






But according to the Easter theme «Search and Find» we also tuned you with our card on a new service as part of our

paper -search&find- service:

Our colour database, with the help of which we find exactly the colour tone that your paper or envelope should have on a pantone basis.




In addition, the map is an example of what Alfred König calls “haptic polarity.” What it is all about and more about the topic he explains to you in the seminar “Do you speak haptically?.


Details of the Easter card: The text of the map can be found here. Sorry, only available in German in the moment.


Paper: Text page: On both sides white cast painted cardboard

in 250 g/sqm.
Motif side: Pulp carton 400 g/sqm, unicy in surface and mass.Osterkarte_2012_Durchsicht


Processing: Text page Offset 2/0-colored motif page offset

5/0-colored, two-stage blind embossing,

contour punching and two-layer cross-glued.



Shipping: Format 160 x 230 mm, weight 24 g:

As an inland infopost: the postage varies/card, delivery approx. 5,000 St.
as information letter to abroad: the postage varies/card, delivery approx. 400 St.







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