Easter Card 2022

Easter in times of endless stories that seem to have no beginning and no end.


Albert Einstein is credited with a statement in which he defines madness as an attitude of doing the same thing over and over again and yet expecting a different result.
Our Easter card, which depicts a Möbius strip, is influenced by this.


The Möbius strip (more information here): You can do whatever you want, you just can’t get to the other side because ultimately it doesn’t exist and the two sides remain unconnected.
Sounds paradoxical. It is.
But with the help of a pair of scissors you can find a remedy. Courageous solutions that arise from new ways of thinking are currently more in demand than ever in all areas of life.

We generally see departure and new beginnings as the concern of our Easter cards.



















You will find video instructions on this page showing how to build the map.
Hopefully entertaining knowledge transfer in the style of the “Sendung mit der Maus” – “The show with the mouse” … .



Here are a few more details about the implementation of the card:

Möbius strip: Open format 460 x 110 mm,
Offset 4/4-colour on uncoated paper 120 gsm. Narrow side with adhesive strip to connect the strip to itself (twisted by 180 degrees) and an oval punched hole to simplify the attachment of scissors.

Accompanying card with instruction text and Easter greetings:
Offset 4/4-colour on natural cardboard 215 gsm,
open format 320 x 105 mm, grooved in the middle, closed 160 x 105 mm,
provided with 2 adhesive dots with “transport protection”.

“Transport protection”: Double corrugated board with approx. 6 mm thickness.
Here, packaging such as banana crates was partly recycled, while corrugated cardboard was bought in for the most part.

The shipment was made in a design RC envelope in compact format (125 x 235 mm), brown, 140 g/sqm. Weighing less than 50 g, it was franked at EUR 1.00 for domestic mail and EUR 1.70 for international mail.


Do you like our idea of the “Easter Card Project” and would like to learn more, or even realise your own idea?

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