The Easter Card 2011 by König Konzept


Easter card Koenig concept before Bergen



Topic of the Eastercard:

When is Easter? How the Easter date is calculated. Substantial information is easily processed: Here you can retrieve the card text. 

Sorry, in the moment the text is only available in German.





Paper: Colour Matters Duplex, Pistachio 270 g/sqm +

Citrine 270 g/sqm

Processing: Text page Offset 52 0- colored Pantone 469 brown
motif page letterpress 2-colored

Labelling: Transparency labels 97 x 42.3 mm



Shipping: As an inland infopost, the postage varies/card, delivery approx. 5,000 St.
as information letter to abroad, the postage varies/card, delivery approx. 400 St.


Let us act for you if you want to send Easter cards yourself (and, of course, cards on other occasions).
We are competent to assist you in the design of your action, in the selection of materials and in the production. Take advantage of the opportunities that lie in thematic mailings and our rich experience in this field:

The Easter Card Project


 More information and samples on request



Easter card Koenig conceptu-in-grassKoenig Concept Letterpress-2







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