How to do…. Our Easter Card 2022

You have received our Easter Mail 2022?
But now you don’t feel like doing the work with the delivered strip?
Or are unsure what to do with it?


Then simply look over my shoulder in the video: (Sorry, only available in German language)




Here you have a brief english instruction:
















Maybe it’s a bit cheeky to expect the recipient of our Easter card to have to make it themselves first. But there is no other way in this case and the motto “Get out of your comfort zone” applies.


By the way: A Möbius strip or a Möbius loop refers to a surface that has only one edge and one side. It is not orientable, i.e. you cannot distinguish between bottom and top or between inside and outside.
What was just a front and a back is suddenly completely different.

Here you will find a lot more information about this fascinating geometric object.


And here are some ideas on how you can set the scene for your Easter-Möbius-Card:





In any case, enjoy our Easter mail.
Above all, we wish you a hopeful and confident Easter from the bottom of our hearts.

Alfred König and his team.


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Photos and video: leopoldi-art.

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