Do you speak haptically? The seminars and workshops on the subject of haptics.

There is much and more talk about haptics.
However, useful theoretical as well as practical approaches are still thinly sown.

Alfred King Papyrus Inn 8. May 2014

For many years, Alfred König has been busy remeying the situation. Many of his articles, lectures, seminars and workshops revolve around the important topic.

"Do you speak hapticallySpeak haptically
?" Under this title, many seminars have already taken place in front of a wide range of audiences from different industries and disciplines, including Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Vienna.

Redesigned as a basic seminar and practice workshop for haptics and haptic communication

Find "Speak haptic?" On May 5. It was held again in Munich on March 15, 2015.

Among other things, these questions will be answered:

-What is and how does haptic communication work?
-What needs to be considered in advertising and product design when using hap
tic elements? -What does Haptik do in brand
staging? -What is Corporate Haptics? -What r
ules apply to haptic markets in haptic markets
? -How do you create a haptic profile as the basis of a haptic strategy?

In short,
it is about the purposeful use of haptics in communication, design and production.

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