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08/16 Our new thematic websites: Adapting newsletter content to your interests-available in 4 content categories via the central contact form.

10/15 Basic seminar and practice workshop "Do you speak haptically?" March 201
6: Use early bird discounts when registering up to 21.12.2015 or 1.2.2016

02/15 "Do you speak haptically?" March 2015

18. September 2014: Lecture Alfred König at PAPYRUS INN in Ettlingen
23. September 2014: Lecture Alfred König at the winter of God and Aumaier in Münche
n25. September 2014: Seminar Do you speak haptically? In Munich

08/14 Does it help to talk more and louder when people don't want to listen? Lectures and seminars by Alfred König in September 2014

7/14 Haptic Events in September 2014 with Alfred König-25% discount on tickets for the Creative Paper Conference 2014

05/14 Just up to 12. June 2014: The combined package of seminar "Speak haptic" on 25.9.14 and a discount of another 25% on the organizer's early bird discount for the Creative Paper Conference 2014 on 30/31.10.2014

02/14 DIE 2 GOLDENEN FRAGEN-Customer loyalty instead of employment therapy in the calcultation department. Alfred King's workshop series for the FDI trade association executives

08/13 Alfred König as speaker at the conference innovative surface technology on the topic of haptic markets: Lüdenscheid 25. September 2013

06/13 Paperazzo Haptik Award 2013-Submission deadline 1. July 2013

04/13 "Do you speak haptically?" June 2013 again in Munich

10/12 25% discount for the 4. Creative Paper Conference on May 25, 2007 And 26. October in Munich and hints at further seminars "Do you speak haptically?" And "Learn from thieves."

09/12 Touch and touch-real communication in digital times-lectures in Stuttgart and Frankfurt

06/12 Haptic Communication-Further seminars in Hamburg and Munich in September 2012

02/12 Seminar "Speak haptic" on 21 July. June 2012-Haptic communication and haptic design

002 12 HAPTIK AWARD 2012

07/11 PAPERAZZO-With a passion for paper. The magazine for the enthusiastic paper user. Order a mini-subscription now, request 3 editions for just 25 euros, or free sample booklet.

04/11 Seminar series web-to-print by Erich Zeller and Alfred König

0ominy 11 King Lerch no longer exists. Alfred King breaks new ground





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